The 5314 Ghetto

A small neighborhood that is now being destroyed but before it’s total destruction it’s getting covered in graffiti. It was build after the second world war to house the many inhabitants of Rotterdam the where without proper housing due to some problems with the inner city caused by the new world order. For graffiti artists it’s been legal to paint off and on because there’s some crazy polish folks rippin the whole hood appart for led and copper including the roofs of some house where people are still living. Anyway.. a nice place to paint and to hang out.

Most artists on this one are from Rotterdam but there is some stuff from Brazil also. Artists include Ces53, Risk, Oles, Shek, Onio, Bez, Rolek, Rusco, Ghetto, Poir, Pok, Joax, Rhyse, Stiler, Sicaz, Tesa, Boers, Acab, Dizl, Boortorie, Puk, Stey, Paiks, Bomb, Wong, Poes, Soka, Bomb and more

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