Rotterdam 2007

A little blast from the past with a whole lot of Lastplak on big now demolished buildings. Further more work by artists like: Volt, Surch, Loks, Ena, Sefn, P&=, Pech, Fabio, Stey, Acab, Super, Cury, Ghetto, Poir, Atlas, Horn, Loser, Eras, Boek, Klik, Duck, Soka, Bez, Joax, Monkidoe, Ikio, Ros, Ser, Deace, Elzas, Toch, Whiks, Pinwin, Boortorie, Ces53, Mir, Serie.

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Snowy Schweiz

Some nice graffiti flicks from snowy Switzerland a while back. The flicks are shot in the Bern area. Artists on this one: Toast, Ortega, Coyl, PyrochimpsDare, Caro, Serie, Bers, Anir, Rosy, Kesh, Kade, Rhyse, Bams, Kese and more.

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